Helmholtz Association

Topic 1000 – Scientific Challenges

The Helmholtz-Alliance ROBEX focus on major scientific themes that contribute to the scientific challenges identified by the Helmholtz Research Fields “Earth and Environment” and “Aeronautics, Space and Transport”:

Ocean related research topics:

  • Methane hydrates as potential new energy resource and risk factor for climate change and natural hazards
  • Hydrothermal vents and cold seeps as possible sites for exploiting minerals and as site for specific habitats
  • Spread of hypoxia in the ocean affecting ecosystem services in the ocean and impact on the ecosystem
  • Dynamics of under-ice environments

Space related research topics:

  • Composition of the lunar interior and core
  • Geodetic observations of the lunar surface
  • Impact flash observation
  • Selection of landing site of scientific interest
  • Intelligent material systems and innovative structural designs
  • Lunar concrete
  • Soil mechanics on the Moon and in the deep sea

Topic 1000 comprises the work packages